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Custom Cakes Weddings
Weddings | Tim + Ash
17th July 2014
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The beauty of weddings does not necessarily rely on the suppliers, or how expensive the flowers are. It’s really about the people celebrating it! This cake was customised for my beautiful, young and fun-loving friends, Tim and Ash. It was a wedding full of love and excitement that I couldn’t help but feel honoured to […]
Custom Cakes Weddings
Weddings | Cam + Ton
1st January 2014
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What else could be a better way to start 2014 than to post about new beginnings, eh? 😀 What’s so nice about being in a tropical country, we don’t have too “cold weather” to chase away the pretty flowers during the cold season. And it really showed when I walked into Cam and Ton’s reception […]
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Cakes | The Robot Proposes to the Dinosaur <3
30th December 2013
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5 words: Jonathan And Cathy Fans Club! These characters were illustrated by Jonathan himself, which then he asked us to turn into cupcake toppers (for Cathy’s birthday). And when he secretly told me that he wanted another cake done with the same toppers for when he proposes, I WAS ECSTATIC!!! What was funnier was, right […]