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Ocean Friends
23rd January 2018
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One of our favorite hobbies as sisters is scuba diving. There is a beautiful calm feeling being under the deep blue water, hearing only your breathing. We love the animated conversations we would have after each dive with our father of the things we saw, as the sun dried the salt water on our skin. […]
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Cake Sets| Mermaid Chic
11th March 2014
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Can’t believe I forgot to post something last Friday, so here’s something to catch up to what I missed 😀 This chic mermaid-inspired set was again for Dreamscapes by Jac Lee Hao! I really loved how bolder colours were used instead of pastel colours usually requested for little girls. 😀 Diana, my client, requested the […]
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Cakes | Noah’s Ark
29th December 2013
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I don’t know why it took me so long to blog my niece’s baptism cake! So here’s a Noah’s Ark themed cake for my adorable niece, Audrey! I  tried new faces for my animals this time, and I’m so happy how the lions turned out! I need to work on my elephant trunk though, but […]