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Dinosaur Party
27th November 2017
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There is no evidence that dinosaurs ever partied, but in the Cottontail Cake Studio prehistory history book, we’re sure they partied hard. Can you imagine a tyrannosaurus rex baking a cake: whisking in a bowl and popping cake into the oven? Or a tyrannosaurus rex hanging bunting? For a really scary dinosaur, he can be […]
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Cakes | The Robot Proposes to the Dinosaur <3
30th December 2013
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5 words: Jonathan And Cathy Fans Club! These characters were illustrated by Jonathan himself, which then he asked us to turn into cupcake toppers (for Cathy’s birthday). And when he secretly told me that he wanted another cake done with the same toppers for when he proposes, I WAS ECSTATIC!!! What was funnier was, right […]