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Flamingoes, Pineapples and Chocolate Feathers
14th August 2017
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There is always something so delicate with Flamingo cakes and desserts that right from when we start planning it, we cannot help but focus right away on the little details that make this theme quite special. From choosing the right pinks, to the textures of the chocolate feathers, this theme never fails to brighten up […]
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Totoro and Other Secret Forest Friends
3rd April 2017
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We could watch Studio Ghibli movies all day.  We love the landscapes, colors and characters in every film. We would probably never get tired of making Totoro cakes, but we would be thrilled to maybe make a Spirited Away cake. Anyone? Spirited Away? A cake with No Face at the bath house? That would make such […]
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Cottontail Kittens
3rd February 2017
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    Cakes have stories. Ellie and her sister,Terry are Cottontail babies. We’ve been making their cakes since their first birthdays. This year, Terry and Ellie got a bug cake for fun, and for Terry’s birthday she got a sea creatures cake with bug cupcakes. (She loves beetles, ladybugs and grasshoppers) Ellie asked for 100 kittens […]
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Mexican Fiesta
4th January 2016
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 When Jac of Dreamscapes by Jac sent us the invitation for her baby’s first birthday, we were instantly hyped. We’ve done a couple of Mexican themed parties before, but we’ve never done a Frida Kahlo one. Her mood board had bold colours, beautiful patterns, and quirky objects, we just had to put them on the cake. […]
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Cakes | Safari – Savannah Cake
26th January 2014
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I get a lot of Safari cake inquiries, AND I LOVE IT! 🙂 Obviously, I really love making animals. This is just another variation of our safari cake! I wanted to do something more extreme than the previous ones, so what the heck, I put a cheeky, vine-swinging monkey! Hope you enjoy this as much […]