Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the lead time to place the order?

  • We normally tell our clients to place their orders AT LEAST 3 weeks in advance, but we can accept until 2 weeks in advance depending on the availability of the schedule. We just need enough time to prepare our weekly cake time table and synchronise our schedule with the commissary.

What is the price range for you cakes?

    • The rates for the 1-tiered, fondant cakes are as follows:
  • Cake size
  • Price Range
  • 6 inch cake
  • P4,500 – P5,500
  • 8 inch cake
  • P5,500 – P6,500
  • Multi-tiered cakes are quoted depending on design. 2 to more tiered cakes start at P8,000 and may go up depending on size, number of edible layers, and design.

How do we place an order?

  • Before placing an order, it is best to check our previous work as to familiarise with our cake decorating style. They can be seen through our blog:  Chances are, your order/s will look like the cakes and desserts we’ve previously done.
  • Once you’ve decided that Cottontail Cake Studio is the cake studio for you, please e-mail us through following the subject format: DATE OF EVENT/THEME
  • For cakes that are for pick-up (not in-house events), the cake studio will use the information provided to get in touch with you, most likely via e-mail. From there you may send your pegs and moodboards and other collateral we may use for your cake. Please be patient for us to sift through our e-mails. We’re all decorators in the studio. Once we’re deep in sugar, typing becomes impossible.

Do we have to meet up with the artists to discuss designs?

  • Meet-ups aren’t necessary. We coordinate with most of our clients through e-mail. Through e-mail, we can exchange ideas, and easily document the design process between our clients and ourselves. The internet has allowed us to accommodate cake orders from clients who are on the other side of the globe for their loved ones back here in the Philippines.
  • Questions can be directed to the studio through our e-mail:

Does the studio replicate cake designs?

  • We can replicate our previous cake designs.
  • As for cakes that have been designed by other cake decorators, we may only use these to inspire a new design. They may look similar, but out of respect for these artists, we try to avoid replicating them as much as possible.

Does the cake studio do character cakes?

  • Same with replicating cake designs by other decorators, we may only use pegs and characters as inspiration for our designs and are subject to artist’s interpretation.

Why are the prices different with non rainbow cake bases and other bases?

  • The rainbow cake is around 5inches in height compared to the other cake bases which more or less 3inches in height. Because it is taller, design is more complex to make sure that we are able to utilise the space the best way we can.


How should we pay for our cakes?

  • To secure your date, we require at least 50% deposit through bank, or through the restaurant where we can accept credit or cheques too.
  • The balance may be paid in advance too, or on the date of pick-up.


Do you deliver?

  • Delivery is available to orders with a minimum of P15,000, but is also subjected to location and availability. Delivery fees also apply depending on the location.
  • You may also opt for pick-ups along Katipunan. Details will be provided once we’ve started coordinating 😀

How do I store and transport my cake and desserts?

  • Transport the pastries on a flat surface. Please be cautious with bumpy roads, and avoid placing the desserts somewhere the sun directly hits.
  • Decorated desserts SHOULD NOT be placed in the refrigerator. Fondant decorated pastries will bleed if placed in a humid environment and may cause the colour to run. It is best to place them in a nice, cool, and dry area, preferably an air-conditioned room until right before it will be used.

Serving the cake

  • To construct your cake, we use non-edible materials like straws, dowels, and toothpicks. Please be cautious when allowing children to eat the decorations.