Cottontail Blooms

Cottontail Blooms Custom Cakes
A Little Bit of Sun and a Glass of Cool Pink Lemonade
4th March 2017
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Summer is slowly creeping in, and while we’re bracing ourselves for a very hot summer, these days its mostly been cloudy and showers. Not that we’re complaining, we’re holding on to the cool February for as long we can. Manila will eventually get really warm and humid, so here’s a cake that eases us in […]
Cottontail Blooms Custom Cake and Oreo Pops Custom Cakes
Cottontail Blooms
20th January 2017
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Lately, we’ve been finding ourselves making more and more flower cakes, and with our signature Cottontail characters, it makes them even harder to let go. Here are some of our floral cakes. Hope you like them as much as we do 🙂  
Cottontail Blooms Weddings
19th July 2016
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Beauty comes in simplicity. It’s very refreshing to create a cake that didn’t need to many details to be beautiful and intricate. We know we rarely make and post our blooms, but in this case, we couldn’t not post it. Other than the fact that we’re still captivated every time we see it, but more […]