About the Cake Studio

Cottontail Cake Studio is run by Lora and Lisane Bate, and a wonderful and talented cake team. Their cakes are beautiful inside and out, as their tasty cake insides are baked by their eldest sister Cielo Bate, and the The Royal Piccadilly restaurant bakers.

They embark on endless adventures characterised by pillaging pirates, whimsical tea parties, crazy woodland creatures, and miniature famous European landmarks (to name a few) on landscapes of cake crumbs and royal icing. They are most often physically found in their Katipunan cake studio sculpting and icing, but their hearts and minds are often elsewhere travelling in their imaginations to be able translate your (or our) stories into buttercream (or the icing flavour of your preference) and fondant.

For retail cakes and cupcakes, please contact the number specified below 😀

Cake orders may be picked-up at:

The Royal Piccadilly Restaurant and Cakery  

2nd floor of Petron La Vista, Katipunan Ave. cor., Mangyan Road, Quezon City, Philippines 😀

Contact details

Please take note that The Royal Piccadilly Restaurant and Cakery is only a pick-up point. They are not authorised to accept orders on behalf of the cake studio. For inquiries, it’s still best to e-mail us.

E-mail: inquire@cottontailcakestudio.com