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Cottontail Kittens
3rd February 2017
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Cakes have stories. Ellie and her sister,Terry are Cottontail babies. We’ve been making their cakes since their first birthdays. This year, Terry and Ellie got a bug cake for fun, and for Terry’s birthday she got a sea creatures cake with bug cupcakes. (She loves beetles, ladybugs and grasshoppers)

Ellie asked for 100 kittens (quite a lot of kittens!!) on her birthday cake,but Terry told her to get a beetle cake instead. On the day of Ellie’s birthday, she blew a plain chocolate cake in the morning, and then asked her mom: ‘Where’s the nice cake, mama?’

Tanya, their mom, tells us these stories, and sends us pictures of them always smiling and devouring their cakes. We’re very grateful, and it really touches our hearts when we hear stories like these. They inspire us to do our best, giving our one hundred percent every time we make a cake. To all the moms who’ve ordered from us, we just want to say thank you for letting us be part of your stories. You’re our valentine.

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