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Cupcakes | Harry Potter for Halloween 2014!
31st October 2014
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So, it’s Halloween again! I’m not much fan of the scary stuff, but I’m a big fan of costumes! Last year, Julius and I went as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Of course, I was the sidekick (I have big plans to change that next year, btw), but hey, we had a kick out of eating blue crystal candy all night long. I also did Mrs. Lovett with matching meat pie with a bluish-grey fondant finger that melted inside the pie when you pulled it out┬áhaha.

The year before that, Julius and I did Clockwork Orange. That was right after I got back from London, so Lisane and I had really awesome bowler hats I had to hand carry on our way home! It was not easy… BUT WAS SO WORTH IT.

Before London, Julius and I did Margot and Richie of The Royal Tenenbaums. Haha. We’re not very mainstream, I know, but we’re changing that this year! Will post pictures after tonight hehe.

While digging through old Halloween photos, all I could say was, “Oh my… The things we did… The things we did…”

So anyway, for Halloween, I’m posting these adorable Harry Potter cupcakes! Hope you enjoy these. Happy Halloween, everyone! <3

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